Pictures of friends at the Bay Area Athletic Club

Friday, November 11, 2005

Misty and Amy. They keep the books in order and work the front desk.
Karl, in his usual place in the locker room. Kark is 84 years old, and works out on the machines 6 days a week. He likes to sit here and rest for awhile before going out to meet the day.
Through the morning fog, we have our morning Hydro-Fit Class. There is Joanne, Josie, Shelly, Mary, our leader. Ace, George, Marilyn, Mike, Willie, Lucy and Jessie. What a crew!
Josie usually stays in mid-pool. She would have trouble reaching the bottom in the deep end!
Lucy in "her" place. Most of the pool people are somewhat protective of their "spots". Some of us just float around visiting, etc.
Lucy, Marilyn, and Josie. What can I say? ...Three attractive ladies, all with a good sense of humor, and a pleasure to have in the class!
George is our Senior Member. A dedicated body builder (well, that's open to discussion), and a very interesting person. George is 90 years old, and in very good health and condition. He keeps busy doing all kinds of projects and volunteer work.
George Gebhardt and Ace. What a pair! They usually have their own little class within the group.
Ace Eakley, lives in Bandon and drives all the way to Coos Bay 3 times a week to exercise in the pool.
Willie is a regular in the 8:30 class. Even if he is a Harley rider, he's still a good guy! . Willie lives in Hauser, and is somewhat of an expert on the dunes. He spends many hours out there, blasting around on one of several sand vehicles he owns.
Sandy White is the senior water instructor, she also teaches a circuit class in the mornings, and fills in anywhere that she is needed. There is a LOT of energy packed into that little body of hers!
Amy has been working hard on getting back in shape after having a baby just a few weeks ago. She's doing a good job too!
Jessie Gibson, the desk workers do a fine job of keeping the coffee pot full. We are usually here by 7:30 AM to read the paper, visit and drink coffee before the 8:30 Hydro-fit class starts.
Bill Baxter, His normal morning seat. He makes note of who parks straight and who doesn't!